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Introduction Of Lose Efficacy

Published on:2018-07-02 Author:ceshi

  Failure analysis case failure analysis has a strong practical significance in improving product quality, technology development, improvement, product repair and arbitration failure accident. It is based on failure mode and phenomenon, through analysis and verification, simulates the recurrence of failure phenomenon, finds out the cause of failure, and excavates the failure mechanism.
based on many years'experience, the methods are classified into damage analysis, non-destructive analysis, physical analysis, chemical analysis and so on. The open ecological application cases of component detection in its field are discussed. Coherent Solutions developed a photonics testing module based on PXI platform through cooperation with NI. The Photonics and electricity testing are realized simultaneously on PXI platform, the automated testing system is simplified, and the testing system volume is reduced. The product and cost increase the test efficiency at the same time.
In the aspect of high-power semiconductor test system, the high-power semiconductor test system based on Block Modular Power Test Platform and NI PXI combines Block High Speed, High Frequency, High Voltage, High Current Power Module, High Speed and High Precision Data Acquisition Technology with NI and powerful signal simulation technology. According to different requirements, the platform can complete dynamic and static, thermal and mechanical, power life and other parameters testing of various high-power semiconductor devices, modules and chips.
Failure analysis is of great practical significance in improving product quality, technological development, improvement, product repair and arbitration failure accidents. It is based on failure modes and phenomena, through analysis and verification, to simulate the recurrence of failure phenomena, to find out the causes of failure, and to dig out the mechanism of failure. Activity based on years of experience, summarizes its methods into damage analysis and non-loss score. AnalThe reason of high early failure rate is that there are unqualified parts in products; the reason of high late failure rate is that the parts of products enter the failure period after long-term use. Running-in in in mechanical products and aging screening of electronic components are measures to ensure reliability based on this failure law. Failure can be divided into temporary failure and permanent failure, sudden failure and gradual failure according to its engineering meaning. Variable failure can be divided into normal loss failure, intrinsic defect failure, misuse failure and overload failure according to the economic point of view. There are many kinds and states of products, and the forms of failure vary greatly. Therefore, it is difficult to stipulate a unified mode for failure analysis. Failure analysis can be divided into whole machine failure analysis and component debris failure analysis, and also can be divided into product development stage, failure occasion and failure analysis. Aim To carry out failure analysis. The working procedures of failure analysis are usually divided into clear requirements, investigation and research, failure mechanism analysis and countermeasures. The core of failure analysis is failure mechanism analysis and revelation. Failure analysis case
Characteristics of laser sealing machine:
1. Good opening effect for copper lead package
2. It is very convenient to open complex samples.
3. Repeatability and consistency
4. The computer controls the shape, position, size and time of the opening, which is convenient to operate.
5, less damage to the environment and human pollution, high safety.
6. There are almost no consumables and the use cost is very low.
7. Small size, easy to place.


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