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    The wafer box

    Applied to the semiconductor industry:

    Lab consumable-Fluorine&Plastic-晶圆盒

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    Own series:Lab consumable-Fluorine&Plastic-晶圆盒

    Product size: 4 "single chip box hd-4

    Outer diameter: 110mm*12mm

    Weight: 40g

    Material: PP injection molding no odor

    The color is milky white and translucent

    Functions and features:

    Wafer box is a packaging solution for semiconductor silicon wafers. It breaks through the limitations of traditional packaging methods and can meet the special storage and transportation requirements of a series of high-tech products in optical materials, semiconductor components, optoelectronic devices, medical devices and other fields. It can ensure the efficient and safe implementation of logistics procedures for such products.

    The single-chip box has a wide range of adaptability, storage and transportation, to meet some fragile and strict surface quality requirements of the special requirements of the device;Can be manually through the hand, tweezers and some automatic line on the special fixture easy to take and put the operation;Transparent box body, for some special requirements of the device can be realized without opening box inspection.


    Suitable for all kinds of samples display, carrying, transportation, etc.


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