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    Dust-sticking Drum

    Applied to the semiconductor industry:

    Lab consumable-Cleaning Pads-粘尘纸卷

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    Own series:Lab consumable-Cleaning Pads-粘尘纸卷

    Sticky roller

     Features: Drum-shaped, base material is polyethylene film PE, with pre-cut lines on the mucous-dust film, and the edge of the drum is peeled off easily; colloid is polyacrylic resin adhesive, guaranteeing no degumming, easy to use with the handle; PE tube core is used, clean and pollution-free, keeping the drum deformed; the product design is advanced and reasonable, which not only can remove dust well, but also avoid traditional use. Appliances: For example, the second pollution caused by wipes, washing and brooms to the products and purification workshop, please identify the drum that will not degum when purchasing.
    Simple explanation
    Easy to use, can quickly and effectively remove floor, roof, wall, desktop and other surface dirt. It is similar to a wall-painting drum and consists of the handle of the drum. However, the drum here refers to is made up of sticky material, and like sticky dust, it can tear off the contaminated layer at will. When used, just scroll on the surface to be cleaned like painting the wall. If the drum becomes dirty, the contaminated layer can not be torn off along the crease while adsorbing the dirt.
    [Brief Introduction of Dust-sticking Drum Products]
    Dust-sticking drum is divided into manual and machine-used two kinds, mainly applicable to electronics, semiconductor, LCD, PCB industry, etc. It can also be used for household articles. It can effectively remove dust, particles, hair and other impurities. This product is made of PE or PP film rewinding. Each circle of manual dust-sticking drum has a zigzag tooth, which is for easy replacement. During the use, the drum surface is covered with debris and the circle is torn off from the zigzag, so that the next circle of clean film can be used.



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