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    Wafer cassette

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    Lab consumable-Fluorine&Plastic-花篮类

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    Own series:Lab consumable-Fluorine&Plastic-花篮类

    Crystal wafer transfer blue is an indispensable fixture used in integrated circuit chip production line. There are two main series of PP and PFA. In the past, all the manufacturers imported from abroad, and the new price is more expensive. Therefore, some domestic chip processing lines purchase imported old transfer blue, which has an impact on the quality, yield and fragmentation rate of the chip. A new transfer blueprint should only be used for three months on the continuous production line abroad. After three months, it must be withdrawn from the production line. However, some production lines in our country have to save cost: first, the blueprint eliminated from the production line abroad; second, it is used indefinitely, as long as the shell is not damaged and mistakenly considered as a qualified product, whether PP blueprint or PFA blueprint surface hardness is equal. The hardness of the wafer surface is much lower than that of the wafer surface. Two different materials collide and friction. The plastic body is the first one to break the surface. The flower basket groove is the most critical place. After the surface is destroyed, different degrees of particles will be produced. Particles are the most strictly controlled in chip manufacturing.
    Technical Indicators of PP Flower Blue for EPAK Crystal Wafer Transfer
    Main materials: PP, graphite.
    2. Physical properties:
    1. Specific gravity: 0.97
    2. Tensile strength: 24MPa
    3. Elongation (%): >10%
    4、Tensile modulus:1378MPa
    5. Bending Strength: 31MPa
    6. Bending modulus: 1250 MPa
    7. Impact strength: 25 J/m
    8. Softening Point (): 80
    9. Melting point (C): 160-165
    10. Antistatic value: 104-105 Euros
    11. Use temperature below (?) C: 54
    3. Chemical properties:
    It is resistant to organic solvents below 80 C. Resistance to alkali, weak acid and oxidation acid. At high temperature, it is oxidized, its performance is degraded, and it is degraded by ultraviolet radiation.
    IV. Inspection criteria:
    1. 25 slots must be smooth, flat, uniform in size, no hairy, no stomata.
    2. Shrinkage should not be too deep, let alone perforation.
    3. The outside surface of flower basket should be smooth and smooth.
    4. Receiving place should be flat without obvious bulge.
    5. There are certain arcs at the corners, but no sharp corners.
    6. For each large area of the flower basket, the visual material must be uniform and there is no obvious chromatic aberration.
    5. Pictures:
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