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    Wafer Thickness Tester

    Applied to the semiconductor industry:

    Testing Equipment-Thickness Measure-其他

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    Own series:Testing Equipment-Thickness Measure-其他

    Product characteristics:

    Patented optical head, with wavelength IR1310 probe, can accurately measure the position and thickness of the object to be measured in a non-contact manner.
    Combined with coaxial IR and white light microscopy, with the probe of wavelength IR1310, the observation point is the measurement point, and the execution of programming is faster.
    Depending on the customer's needs, it can also provide a fully automated platform with a maximum measurable size of 2 inches wafer.
    It can be matched with perspective and reflection IR light source to increase infrared observation function.
    Sensor can be installed to measure 3D profile of film and product surface.



    • TSV Depth and Width
      Thinning process
      Stacking process
      3D IC counterpoint
      Thickness Measurement of Multi-Layer Stacked Sandwiches
      Bump height


    3D IC TSV

    • Formation of silicon perforated TSV:
      The hole position can be found correctly by white light microscope and measured directly.

    • Backend process:
      The TSV points can be observed by IR visualization, and the wafer thickness, TSV and RST can be measured simultaneously.
      Chip stacking:
      Measurement of Wafer Defects and Roughness Using White Light and IR Microscopes
    • Wafer thinning:
      Measurement TTV

    • 、Bow and Warp Bonding inspection 及 edge trimming


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