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    GNAD40 Precision Lapping & Polishing

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    Processing Equipment-Lapping&Polishing-CMP磨抛机

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    Own series:Processing Equipment-Lapping&Polishing-CMP磨抛机

    ● Independent Remote Control System
    ● Multi-Machine Control via One Control System
    ● Auto Temperature & cooling Control System
    ● Multi-Feeding System
    ● Auto-Clean Control System
    The GNAD range is advanced generation of precision lapping & polishing machines offering significant refinements and benefits for all materials processing applications, including Si、SiC、GaN、InP、GaAs、CZT、MCT etc. 
    Constructed from aluminium and rigid polyurethane to withstand the most rigorous polishing environment, it is suitable for both lapping and chemical polishing process.
    All functions can be controlled by an independent remote control system. According to the specific requirements of the user process, the remote control system can choose the wireless or wired mode to control the machine.
    SH range precision polishing Jigs are used to hold specimens of widely varied shape while they are lapped and/or polished on GNAD machines. The jig with a dial gauge can indicate stock removal, the accuracy data is 1 micron. The load is variable from 0-7000g on the heaviest SH. This accommodates materials covering a wide range of hardness, toughness and size, which are to be processed in different ways, to different finished specifications.
    According to process requirement, samples or sample holders may be affixed directly on to the jig mounting plate by vacuum system.
    The Abrasive Autofeed System can include multichannel feeding channels, it controlled from a second section on the control panel, ensures a controlled flow of abrasive slurry from the abrasive cylinder, to the lapping plate, via an adjustable slurry chute. The speed of abrasive slurry can be controlled from 0-150ml/min. The drip detector automatically stops the plate rotating when the cylinder is empty, thereby avoiding any damage to the specimen by running it on a dry plate.
    Basic operation of the lapping/polishing plate is controlled from the Main Drive section. From here the plate speed is set and displayed on an LCD. This is infinitely variable from 0 to 120 rpm to enable the most suitable speed for the process to be selected.
    The automatic plate flatness control system continually monitors the plate shape and automatically corrects any deviations from the required shape set by the operator. 
    The jig auto-rotation control system can drive and control three jigs rotation speed from0-100rpm. The sweep range is controlled from 0-100%, this function can reduce the polishing time to improve remove rate and final roughness and flatness.
    The temperature and cooling control system continually monitors the plate changes, the accuracy is 1℃。The cooling function automatically corrects any deviations from the required temperature by the operator.
    The auto-clean control system will automatically clean the plate and removable drip tray, the time and feed will be controlled exactly.The timer on the Main Drive panel can be set to run the machine for up to 10 hours.This allows operator freedom as the process will stop automatically when required. Constant supervision by the operator is therefore unnecessary, as processing will stop automatically after the chosen time or thickness.


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